Ashley Flatley


I've not always lived in Daytona Beach. Like you, I understand how daunting it can feel moving to a new area where you may not know anyone. When relocating to a new city, it's important to find someone local to work with that you like and trust--someone who will provide you with rockstar service. When you enter into a partnership with me as your Realtor, you get a much higher level of service. The level and quality of service that you receive may require me to work long hours, on weekends and holidays. It could also mean ensuring that you connect with any other service providers that meet your needs, such as contractors, electricians, plumbers, structural engineers, and the like. Quality service is about doing what I need to do to meet your needs.

Daytona Beach has been home sweet home to me for 26 years. As a graduate of Spruce Creek High School in 2005, I went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL (a great day-trip destination, FYI). After receiving my B.A. in Business Administration, I went on to pursue my first passion - Investment Advisory for families and business owners. I also became a small business owner myself, running two local restaurants and gaining additional first-hand experience I now refer to with my clients. What I love about buying and selling homes is that no two sales are alike. I learn something new with every home sold and every client, and each new listing is a new venture, where I get to channel my inner entrepreneur to sell a brand new shiny product.

I’m a daughter of immigrants, a wife to an amazing man and a mom to a one-year-old little girl who is already equipped to take over the world. Daily beach walks reset and recharge my little family, and motivate me show you why you should move here too.

I’ve learned the importance of doing my own due diligence with every single investment through the stringent securities requirements in my fiduciary role. I’ve carried that with me into the real estate world, and look forward to working with you to create, or add to, your Real Estate Investment Portfolio.